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Pro Academy

The Pro Academy experience has been set up to do exactly what it says

Give your child the same experience they would have if they were at a professional club

Led by a UEFA A Coach the course programme is designed to make the most of the time spent and, in partnership with your club, help to increase your technical ability and level of tactical understanding. 

These include:

*Personal development plans reviewed by coaches

*Physical development based around Agility, balance and coordination.

* Regular video analysis sessions performed by coaches and players (An extra to most academies but essential for learning)

The Experience is a fantastic opportunity to get a professional level of training to make the most of your potential.

*Please note that 2 trial weeks are to take place in order to assess your child for suitability

Tuesdays 5.30pm - 7pm

Payment Details

£36 per month

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To be completed by PARENT

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