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Football. Things to do while under lock down

With all our players under lockdown and, I presume, missing their football in one way or another I thought I would make a few suggestions that you can all do. These may help your fitness, your thoughts or maybe just pass a few minutes at a time when you probably have a few spare

As most of you are teenagers or approaching, it is very easy to spend your time on ipads, laptops, consoles or just staring at YouTube for hours on end. Whilst they are great, there must be other things you are doing and can do.

1. Keep a feel for the football – The best way to minimise the effect on your footballing skills is to keep kicking the ball. For those who have a garden, use it. Maybe a few keepie ups, maybe some short passing with your mum, dad, or any member of your family.

The more touches of the ball you have now, the easier it will feel when you return to playing.

2. Stay fit – Now this is where YouTube might come in handy. Staying fit is not easy, but it is by no means impossible. There are plenty of exercises you can do in small areas and it will keep you ticking over ready for the return.

Base fitness and strength are great, but the first few games after you get back playing will be hard. It usually takes about 6 games to get your football fitness back. You can’t do anything about this as you can’t play games but staying active will help no end.

3. Fast feet – Although you probably don’t have access to any hurdles or ladders you can improvise with hoops or tape or anything that can isolate small areas.

This can be a great exercise to help with your foot speed, balance and co-ordination which needs to be maintained and improved while we are off.

Four easy ones below for you which only require markers of some kind

Shuttle Drill – 4 Cones lined up and a straight sprint to each one and back. Easy.

Four Corners – You might need a number caller for this otherwise just do it yourself. Given a sequence of numbers touch each one in the sequence given.

Small steps circle – Use quick small steps to circle round an object. Work both ways and keep your feet close together.

Lateral Runs – Always face forward and use small steps to move from side to side round the markers

4. Pick your all-time best 11 – This is one to pass the time and get you thinking about football, players and why you like them. Challenge the family to come up with one too.

For those interested, here is mine (made up of mainly older players as I am old)

No room for Messi or Ronaldo I’m afraid. Seems hard to understand but these are just all time greats, especially Cyrille, he is a legend.

5. Role Model – Find someone to model yourself on. Preferably a footballer who plays in your position and see what he does to make him great. How he moves, communicates and what he does on and off the ball. It will help your game and give you an appreciation of what is needed to improve.

6. Learn something new – I am not just talking football related. Expanding your comfort zone and learning something new is how you grow. Learning a foreign language is shown to help your decision making skills, multi-tasking and even help you become more perceptive.

A musical instrument is a great skill to have, developing fine motor skills and co-ordination and encouraging creativity which all help when on the football field.

Just for my fun, I would love to tell you all to learn the drums and play as loud as you can, I am sure that won’t have any consequences for your parents.

New skills will help you with your football, no matter what it is you will be using your brain which has got to be a good thing.

I think they should keep you going for a little while.

Most of all, stay safe and well and will see you all when we can.


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