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442 Coaching

Fulfil Your Potential


9am -10.30am


10.30am - 12pm

Dear Parent,

Welcome to 442 Coaching. Our aim at the Academy is to improve individuals technical, physical and tactical ability.


We cannot promise to make your child a professional football player but can make the promise that our coaches will work hard to improve your child’s football in every way possible so he may reach his potential


Our sessions are planned to make the most of the time your child spends with us. We have a termly topic which everyone works on and we differentiate the sessions depending on player ability. Every child will also work on their physical development with emphasis being placed on agility, balance and coordination.

Initial attendance.

Your Child will be able to attend 2 free sessions to see if he/she likes it and wishes to continue at the Academy


After 2 sessions you will be invited to join should you wish to

* Please ensure your child brings a drink to the academy

* Please note that all sessions are outdoors so appropriate clothing needs to be worn for the session

* If attending a double session please bring a small snack for the half time period


Note: Information before committing to join the Academy


When joining you will be required to purchase an academy kit at a cost of approx £50. This will include Full kit, Sweatshirt and rain jacket to be worn for all sessions. This can be purchased from our Club shop.


Academy costs are detailed below. Payment will be collected by direct debit (via GoCardless) on the 1st of each month in advance of the sessions


Prices are:


Saturdays               9am – 10.30am                         £30.00 per month

Saturdays               10.30am – 12pm                       £30.00 per month

Saturdays               9am – 12pm                               £42.50 per month (Double session)


Thanks, and hope your child enjoys their free sessions at 442 Coaching.


Matt Easton

Academy Director

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